+ Deliver better experiences for guests

+ Improve customer retention rates

+ Increase covers per service

More than a menu

Turn your menu into a marketing tool that increases customer experience

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Interactive Menu
You continue to use your existing menu without any changes. We add a virtual overlay that helps your guests to make a decision on what to order. 
After your guests leave we will be able to send them recommendations on other things to try at your restaurant and bring them back again and again. 
Guests Feedback
We provide an option for your customers to leave feedback about specific items on a menu. No complaints about service, no generic reviews. 

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Why use Me'n'us?

Increase Customer Retention

A typical customer journey involves coming to your restaurant, they eat, pay and leave. If you’re lucky they follow you on social media. But once they walk out your door, they’re gone.

The Me'n'us application helps your business retain more customers by connecting you with users of the app who have eaten at your premises.

Restaurateurs can send updated menus, special offers, or bespoke messages to previous customers, improving their marketing reach and increasing return rates.

Improved Customer Experience

With a rise of health-conscious eaters, restaurateurs now face the challenge of being able to provide complicated data when it comes to menus options.

Our virtual-overlay technology takes the information on your menu and returns practical insights that customers can use to make decisions.

This type of experience will improve your reputation as you demonstrate a ‘customer-first’ approach and show you understand the concerns of the modern-day diner.

More Customers, Quicker Turnaround

Me'n'us combine customer retention and experience with the added benefit of improved table turnaround time. This means you serve more customers during opening hours.

By giving customers access to information that shortens decision-making time, this reduces staff demand and improves efficiency of front-of-house service.

The additional information your customers can access decreases the risk of order errors, voids, comping customers, and food waste, leading to cost savings for restaurateurs.

With the rise of allergens, specific diets, and healthy eating trends, restaurants have to contend with providing customers additional information that informs menu choices.

- How many calories are in a dish?
- What ingredients do you use?
- How much fat, carbs, or protein does something contain?

It isn’t possible for your staff to answer all of these questions.

Me'n'us offers a pragmatic solution allowing your menus to retain their aesthetic look and function without the headache of trying to contain too much information.

More than a menu

Turn your menu into a marketing tool that increases customer experience

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